21 Great Greek Child Labels for females

21 Great Greek Child Labels for females

Greek baby labels may be the primary focus on February 25th, which is Greek Liberty Day–a primary Hellenic getaway. Now we celebrate they which includes great but ignored Video dating sites Greek brands for females pulled off the rich treasure trove out-of old mythological names and you may labels found in modern Greece which have maybe not produced inroads the united states.

Acacia-a best-beginning-to-be-liked Greek characteristics name, that a flowering shrub having biblical links, right for an enthusiastic Eastertime girl. It is already Count 303 to the Nameberry.

Alala-pronounced ah-LAL-ah, that is an effective lilting, rhythmic selection having a good mythological connection to a sister away from Mars. Only it is possible to downside is that it had been utilized as the a fight cry for the ancient Greece.

Amarantha-other uncommon and you may glamorous botanical solution towards the well-known an excellent-delivery and you will avoid, way more unique than just relative Samantha. The fresh new amaranth rose stands for immortality, so it is good Easter seasons consideration.

Ariadne-this title of your immortal spouse out of Dionysus and you can Cretan goddess away from fertility became Matter 801 nationwide and you may 225 to your Nameberry. Ariadne seems a number of Agatha Christie mystery novels and you may Ariadne auf Naxos are good Richard Strauss opera. It’s Ellen Page’s profile term inside The beginning.

Clio-the latest passionate term of your own Greek muse of the past are not related to Cleo/Cleopatra. Almost every other possibilities out-of one of many nine Greek muses: Thalia and you will Calliope.

Cressida-the new sharp and you can painful and sensitive Cressida is barely read in the usa, despite the lady physical appearance on the Appetite Game and you may Shakespearean cred through his enjoy Troilus and Cressida.

Diantha-melodious and much a great deal more private than just Diana, Diantha are an excellent Greek identity meaning “heavenly rose” and you will is the fresh new flower of your supreme god, Zeus.

Echo-a name having haunting reverberations, that of a legendary nymph, Echo was applied of the rocker Nick Hexum for their daughter, and also by Joss Wheden to possess a respected reputation in the sci-fi series, Dollhouse.

Electra/Elektra-despite the lady below likable portrayals inside the ancient greek and later Eugene O’Neill tragedy, Electra you’ll still make a bold, electronic selection.

Eugenia-one of many antique kids brands however waiting for its All of us renewal; Eugenia are a premier 2 hundred identity in the 1880s however, fell off of the checklist entirely in the 1983, regardless of if it’s still well used inside the Greece. The british Little princess Eugenie, carries the newest French mode.

Ianthe-a yellow rose title having an enthusiastic ethereal, poetic quality, a favorite of early pastoral poets. In the a similar vein, Evanthe, which means that “reasonable rose,” can make an enjoyable addition towards listing of well-known Ev-performing names.

Kalantha/Calantha–a fairly, underused identity on the tempting concept of “lovely rose,” often watched in early books

Io- a reputation you to definitely bags an enormous quantity of electricity and you can material in its small a couple of-vowel, two-letter size. Io is actually an excellent mythological maiden dear of the Zeus and more has just starred a major part for the Clash of one’s Titans.

Melantha is yet another Hellenic floral alternative-this one function “black rose” that can make a potential namesake to prize an effective Melanie or Melissa.

Pandora–So what if the she generated you to (major) mythological error? We believe it’s time for her to get forgiven and you will asked toward kids name community. She did generate an individual short term looks into the pop checklist for the 1952.

Phaedra-An intriguingly remarkable selection because of the woman physical appearance when you look at the misconception and you can books from Euripides into toward establish. The definition of name’s “bright, shining,” even if the woman story book fate try not. She is never been throughout the Top one thousand, however, powerful Phaedra is actually Number 569 into the Nameberry, that can enter line to participate the latest has just gorgeous, just as heartbreaking Ophelia. Phaedra Areas are a genuine Housewives truth superstar.

Sapphire-In the place of Ruby and you may Pearl, that it label off a bluish gemstone has not become shiny upwards in the us as it has actually in England and you can Wales, where it is Number 328. Sapphire came to light recently since pseudonym of journalist about the film Dear. Makes the right identity for a woman produced into the Sep, whoever birthstone it is.

Thaddea-Regardless if Thaddeus is getting some attract for males, new equally appealing, solid yet , feminine Thaddea is virtually not familiar. And you may Thaddie could make an enjoyable go from Addie.

Pandora Lovegood are Luna‘s mother in the Harry Potter, and several progressive parents might member they with the online streaming music software

Theodosia-So it replacement Theodora, each other definition “God’s present,” produced a few short-term looks in america dominance positions off the brand new 1880s and you can 1990s. It actually was title offered by Aaron Burr to help you their dp Theda Bara.

Varvara-The fresh Greek, Russian and Czech sorts of Barbara have considerably more verve than brand new dated B identity. Varvara makes a look from inside the Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina.

Xanthe-As with the Greek labels, inception X is obvious once the Z within gilded title based on the fresh Greek keyword to have purple. Xanthe has recently inserted the world of modern opportunity, particularly for the latest Fruit, who review it from the a high Matter 205.

Xenia-This intriguing saint’s label, again on Z voice, played against her good-lady photo as among the slutty Bond People regarding 1995 movie GoldenEye.

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